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Heat Break

Here in this part of Canada we’ve been experiencing high heat and humidity.  To the point where the local radio stations have been issuing humidex advisories in the morning.  To put it in perspective, on Wednesday morning on the seven o’clock newscast the base temperature was 23 C (about 73 F), but with the humidex it felt like 34 C (around 94 F), and that’s in the morning, it’s only going to get hotter from there.  I don’t care where you’re from or what you’re used to, but around here that’s a little thick.  It’s like walking around breathing through a warm, damp washcloth.

Now try working in it.

I work the night shift, and it’s been so bad at night that our supervisor has had to issue five minute heat breaks every hour both Monday and Tuesday.  Our straw boss has even been going around like a flight attendant with a cart of refrigerated bottled water looking for signs of heat stress.  A notice went up stating that heat breaks must be taken in the lunch room, because that’s the only room that’s air conditioned.

Now, I live in a house with central air conditioning, for which I regularly thank Willis Carrier, the inventor of modern electrical air conditioning.  So, Wednesday morning, I stagger into a blessedly cool, dim, not humid house, drink a couple of litres of water, juice, soda, basically whatever’s cool and liquid, then collapse into bed, enervated from the heat and humidity.  I’d barely settled into my nice cool sheets when the phone rang.  It was work; given the heat and humidity, Wednesday’s shift has been cancelled.

The last time work was cancelled, I actually bounced out of bed and goofed off.  This time… I actually had to think about it, but did a little goofing off.


This morning as I was about to go to bed, since I was trying to maintain my usual sleep pattern, I received  a phone call from the impossibly perky woman in the front office.

Guess what?

Work has been cancelled for the rest of the week, see you on Monday. 😉


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